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Ever since I watched Million Dollar Baby, something inside me has made me want to be as badass as Hilary Swank in the ring. As much as I can dream, I think I would like to keep my nose where it is and I definitely am not in any position to fight anyone – but I have probably found the next best thing.

Launched by boxer Danny Green, 12RND boxing gym – offers a replica of a 12 round boxing match – so that is 12 x 3 min rounds with 30 second breaks in between – and I can tell you after one session I was HOOKED! There are 12RND coaches on hand who are there to help you and there are no set times for classes you just turn up and join in on the fun…. or should I say the sweat! I can tell you the sweat is REAL !

What I love about 12RND, is that it mixes up exercises we currently know from gym workouts, such as rowing machine , dumbbell squats and some light body weight and conditioning work , amongst freestyle boxing, punching bags and the 12RND one on one trainers . You are guaranteed to feel a sweat and work out harder than you have before , with amazing music , great people and a great set of skills to go with it!

With the 12 rounds coming to 45 minutes it’s easy to squeeze in before work or plan a sweat session before you head home – and the 12ND coaches are always on hand to help. The one amazing thing I have noticed, apart from feeling physically stronger , is my mental state is much stronger. Boxing forces you to focus (as in a ring nobody wanted to get knocked out!) almost in a meditative state (which I am personally shocking at!) so this allows you to either focus slowly on skills or punch out any frustrations you are having ! Win win really!

I couldn’t recommend 12RND more and I am currently into the 3rd week of a 6 week challenge ! – Million Dollar Baby here I come !

To find your nearest 12RND Gym/ to sign up head to;

12RND Fitness

So come on… what are you fighting for?


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