Sparkling White Smile

I’m not sure if the trend for “whiter teeth” is ever on the downward spiral – but it sure has picked up in the last year, with so many options out there to get that million dollar Hollywood smile , it truly has never been easier or more available to us.  I have had my teeth whitened in the past , and I do recall suffering afterward with a bit of nerve pain – as in I could have been one of those ladies in the commercial that scrunches her face up at the thought of a cold beverage (man those ads make me laugh) – but yes truly that was me ….so I have been a little apprehensive to give it a shot again – but this shade of ‘almond cappaccino’ for a smile was just not sitting well with me and I knew I needed a top up!

I contacted Sparkling White Smile and booked an appointment in my home- all about that convenience , and the beautiful Alison ( a walking advertisement for the company – perfect smile!) arrived and popped up a comfy recliner chair for me and I was almost ready to be 5-14 shades lighter !

 She cleaned up my teeth so they were ready to go, protected my gums, popped on the tooth whitening gel then on with the blue light and I was well on my way to a Hollywood smile again. The best part is the plastic mouth guard that hold the mouth open .. as a chatterbox it’s impossible to talk with but I did give it a red hot crack, and completely understand why this is now a household boardgame! SO FUNNY.

I spoke with her before we began about my veneer that I have, and if it would affect the colour – so to be safe we just opted for 2 rounds opposed to 3 rounds of blue light . After about an hour ( we watched a movie while it processed ) – I was done and my teeth felt no pain, and they looked a perfect shade of white ! – For a week I have to apply a gel at night and that’s how easy it is ! The best part is they also come to your office and can do group booking so any upcoming event or wedding or just a gals or guys night in they can come and make you feel fresh and sparkling white! Sparkling White Smile uses the latest technology, the finest materials and the procedure is effective and safe – and I personally am absolutely thrilled with the result.

To have the whitest of teeth and feel so much more confident in your smile, contact Alison and her team and to make a booking below:


Keep smiling 🙂

With love CB xx

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