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We all know that to heal our body’s of our sins we should probably reach for superfood or a plate containing something green … Yes we have all been there- ‘eradicate the weekends bad choices for a kale salad or a celery smoothie ..ergh… BUT, look, it’s all about balance, and I’m pretty sure that the more green you eat, the better you feel on the inside – but what if we could get out green on, on the outside as well? That’s right ladies and gents, put down that kale smoothie and pass your attention to me and my new discovery. 

We are about to GO GREEN. 

I have found the perfect at home face remedy for clear, glowing ‘at home facial’ like skin – and it’s a smoothie for the face, a GREEN smoothie at that , so it MUST do us wonders. But I can assure you it really is like having a facial in your lounge room   – with ingredients like avocado , spinach , cucumber and green tea your face literally drinks up this deliciousness and leaves you glowing from the inside out.  

I introduce to you ‘THIS FACE’ 

Filled with French Clay , AHA’s and eucalyptus stem cells – this is sure to be healing but not to be eaten ( I stupidly tasted it….do not follow in my footsteps…haha)   the mask works to exfoliate and actively give you and your pals the most delicious glowing and healthy skin, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Created by two hot to trot busy Mummas, this mask is all about working into your lifestyle so you can sit back and relax at home and feel absolutely pampered. Whether you work a 9-5 are a busy Mum or Dad or just love to keep yourself pampered on a weekly basis with ease from home. 

The best part? This product is cruelty free, is free from nasties such as sulphates, parabens, silicones and is MADE IN AUSTRALIA and there is free domestic shipping .  WIN WIN!

Get your hands on a pot of THIS FACE ( GO GREEN ) facial mask for only 49.95  by clicking below;


Get ready to have a superfood in the palm of your hand, and on your face !

Bring on glowing healthy and happy skin

With love CB xx

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